The Lord is a Warrior

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This was a piece I did for a friend who gave me the idea back in College. I believe the idea originated from the book of Ezekiel, where it describes the LORD as a Warrior who slaughters all those who oppose Him. Below him is the blood of his enemies. “The LORD is a Warrior” is what Moses and the Israelites proclaimed when God drowned the pursuing Egyptians in the Red Sea.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Whoa! That’s pretty crazy view of God.” True, but it’s a realistic view. People tend to think of God just as a” loving” God, but not only is he a lover but a judge. Judgment must come to those who do evil and to those who reject Him and His Salvation. But how is that love you may say?

What would you think if a Judge in one of our own courts let everyone go who committed a crime because he “loved” them? Is that fair? No way, “Where’s the justice,” you would say. What if one of those people killed your mom? Should he be let go simply because the judge loves him? How would that sit with you?

God exacts judgment in righteousness because he carries out the exact punishment for the crime. The Bible says that “the penalty for sin is death,” and sin my friends, is something that we all live with on a daily basis.

Have you ever told a lie… in your life?

Have you ever stolen anything… ever?

Have you (men) ever looked at a woman with lust?(of course!)

That’s only three of the Ten Commandments! Because God is perfect, he expects perfection. His law is perfection.

So what am I saying? All of us have sinned!

“So we should all die is what you’re saying to me?”

Technically, Yes. We deserve to die, and spend eternity in hell, but…

…Because God is love, instead of giving you death (which you deserve for your sin) he sent his Son Jesus to take that penalty, and that punishment for you. So picture yourself in a court and you stand before the Judge and he says that you are guilty for the crimes you committed and the penalty is death!

But in walks the Son of the judge and He says that He will take the punishment for you so you don’t have to (though you deserve it) and you can go free. Wow!

That my friends is love, and that is grace, and mercy.

Jesus was God in the flesh, God coming to take away the punishment of people who sinned against HIM!! Jesus lived a perfect sinless life (because only a pure sacrifice is acceptable for sinners), and he came as a man (because animal sacrifice can’t take away the sin of man permanently), yet he didn’t deserve to die, (you did!) but he went willingly for you… because he loves you.

God coming to men to take away their fallenness. That’s the God of Love, and of perfect judgment. That’s the God I serve, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I gladly share it, because where would I be without him? “There is no condemnation now for those who are in Christ Jesus.” – Rom. 8: 1

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