Mighty Med Show Intro art

Posted by on May 20, 2014 in Sequential Pages | 0 comments

Recently we had an amazing opportunity to work on a project that was featured with Disney XD, called Mighty Med. Tracing the adventures of two high schoolers who happen to be doctors for Superheroes (how cool is that!?!) they get to save the guys who save us!

Eric was tapped to pencil the pages that would be seen in the featured introduction to the show. The work was fast paced and the deadlines were unlike anything we’ve encountered before, but that’s “show biz” for ya. Eric was able to pull it off, and the results are amazing! But it was a collaborative effort, colors were provided by the talented Mohan, as well as a beginning colorist, Timaree Zadel.

The show airs on Monday Nights, with the talents of Bradley Steven Perry, Jake Short, and Paris Berelc.

It was fun seeing my artwork brought to life in a whole new way, and getting to draw the characters in a cool comic book style while at the same time trying to make it look like them. It was a fun experience all around, Eric said.

The neat thing about this project is we were cutting from the live stills of the show directly into the comic book, so the results were really awesome to see. It created a unique back and forth from 2D drawing into live action. It’s unlike anything we’ve had to work on before, it was truly a great experience.  “It’s not too often you get to see your artwork on television so this project was a real treat for us, and will be something we will remember and look back on and still get excited about in years to come.” Take a look at some more pages, and check out the video at the bottom!