Divine Fire

Posted by on Dec 12, 2011 in Graphic Design | 0 comments

Another look for the Divine Fire logo, this one was designed in illustrator using a fusion of an emblem and a surf-board look. Fire was set in the background to act as the main image and to give the logo it’s positive space and force it out from the black set behind it. Using positive space (the space that is occupied by an object or image) and negative space (the empty space, in this case the black) creatively is a powerful way to really make an image stand out. Another option is to reverse this effect and have your image or logo in black (negative space) or  silhouetted against an image that brings your logo out; so instead of a black background seen here we would simply place our fire graphic in the background. It’s really a neat way to make for a great logo, and you can play with it in many ways to get a great looking design.