DC Universe Online page

Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in Sequential Pages | 0 comments

A test page that Eric had the privilege of working on with comic artist great, Mike S. Miller. With the launch of the new DC Universe Online game, DC comics was looking to do a promo comic to offer with the game. They were looking for a style similar to that of the man who designed the look of the whole universe; none other then comic legend, Jim Lee.

Eric, who is all to familiar with the style of Lee, tag-teamed with Mike to produce this amazing test page to present to DC for the gig. Using all new designs for the classic heroes and villains, Mike provided the breakdowns for the page, Eric supplied the finishes, and Mike topped it off with the inks for one killer double-page spread. While they didn’t get the job for the promo comic, they still had one awesome piece of art to walk away with.