About us

How we can bring your ideas to light

Created in 2007, Divine Fire Studios is a freelance Design studio based in San Diego, California, offering a wide range of artistic services to meet the needs specific to you. DFS exists to provide clients with the highest quality service, as well as the highest quality art, while remaining competitive in price. Our desire is to meet all of your needs and do so in a timely fashion. We allow your ideas to become reality, while enabling you to be in control and a part of the creative process to ensure that your idea becomes exactly what you want it to be.
Every company needs a look and an identity to attract customers and clients; we can provide the visual tools and expertise you need to communicate that identity to your consumer base. Enter the Logo. With a custom logo from our design studio you will be able to convey simply and quickly who you are, and what you are all about. Let us give you the iconic face you need to create a brand or maybe even just a t-shirt. With our versatile and innovative team we’ll make the look that’s right for you.


 Providing quality art and design that matches our quality of service.


Begun by a professional comic artist, DFS offers a unique advantage not found in most design studios. We are able to offer illustration with that super and iconic touch only found in the realm of comic book art. With the ability to tell a story visually we can transfer that power and creativity to a single image, a logo, storyboard, children’s book, or even the traditional comic book. Every piece of artwork will be crafted by a professional who understands what is necessary in conveying a message- powerfully yet simply. Also we provide the flexibility in offering art/designs that are digitally crafted – using various programs like Photoshop or Illustrator -¬† or hand crafted using the traditional mediums of pen and ink. Whatever suits your specific need. Contact us today for a quote or to find out more information.

From innovative Graphic design, to illustration, even to the traditional comic page, whatever your need – in the end – you will have something that you can be proud of for years to come.

Art Director/ Senior Artist- Eric D. Ninaltowski and his wife Sara.

As an illustrator, Comic book artist, and Graphic Designer himself, Eric wears many hats and has made DFS the multifaceted studio it is today. Graduating from the Delaware College of Art and Design, in 2002, he graduated first in his class and started to pursue his love of comics soon after. In 2007 he began penciling a graphic novel called “The Hand of the Morningstar”, and has since finished the series working on 6 of the 8 volumes published by Zondervan. Recently, he had the opportunity to work on the art seen in the introduction to the new Disney XD show, Mighty Med. Currently he is penciling “Monomyth” with OSSM Comics and writer Siike Donnelly, which will be out in July of this year. Eric has also done illustrative work for Upper Deck and Rittenhouse, on the Captain America, and other Marvel card sets. Eric currently resides in San Diego, Ca. with his wife and kids where he pursues his many goals as an entrepreneur, artist, and creator.